“Ngayah Village Clean Up Day” with KKC!


“Ngayah Village Clean up Day 25 February”

Kul Kul Connection is currently on a big project. By using the theme “Ngayah” a Balinese term meaning “to contribute sincerely without expecting anything in return”, Kul Kul Connection invites the people of Sibang Kaja to commemorate National Trash Day of Indonesia by joining en masse in a village clean. There will be six banjars and four schools around Sibang Kaja getting involved and sharing the work of this clean up celebration. The aim is to increase local awareness of being responsible for their own waste. After the clean up session, we invite all the participants from Sibang Kaja to experience the Green School atmosphere while enjoying refreshments and snacks while watching our KKC kids perform on the stage.

International members of the Green School community are warmly welcomed to take this opportunity to connect with the local community. Come join us for the Sibang Kaja clean up!

Meeting point: 6:50am (set your alarms, folks!), Green School parking lot.

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