Last Sunday, the Kul Kul Connection tribe, both teachers and students, boarded two Bio Buses and ventured to Sekumpul waterfall in Buleleng, North Bali. It was a trip to remember for all of us, and the first time for most of our students to experience a waterfall. The main purpose of this trip was to build a strong connection and friendship between the teachers and students themselves, giving them a sense of safety and belonging within Kul Kul Connection.


We also like to play a role in exposing local kids to the astounding beauty of their home island that they have not yet explored. The trip ended with freshly picked durian and mangosteen snacking, sharing our respective experiences and feelings about this wonderful adventure and about our intentions and goals as members of the Kul Kul Connection and Green School community of learners. If you see local students around during farmer’s markets or special events, take the opportunity to introduce yourself as an international member of the Green School community and help them feel welcome and connected. You’re going to see more of these change makers around!


Grade 1 & KKC students are setting a shining example of a cross-cultural exchange that we can all strive to follow. Three days a week, an hour before the last Gong of the school day sounds, KKC students come and join Grade 1b. Ibu Pera is the magic fairy who makes this happen :)


Performing arts has given an new avenue for our Kul Kul Connection students to spread awareness about waste management and environmental issues. Through Kul Kul Connections’ ACTivism Class, we hope to foster not only new ideas, but friendships and confidence in the young lives of these up and coming leaders for Indonesia. Most importantly, this program encourages our students to make a change in their own lives to strive to have a more positive impact on the planet.

Last year, the students had the opportunity to road-show the “Trash Monster” production inside and outside Green School, Bali community.  As the 2018 begins, the students have produced a new play called,  “The Change Makers”.

We were so honored to have our very first performance of the year at the Green School Soul Shine Event. For those of you who missed it, we are ready and eager to take to the stage and perform again.

Keep an eye out for Kul Kul Connection events and activities!

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Bike tours are in high demand and present a fun and engaging way to introduce international members of the Green School community and visitors alike to the beautiful and intriguing locality of the school.  These tours will lead participants past fields full of flowers, verdant rice paddies, quaint village streets, bustling markets and more. Cyclists will interact with local people, sample local delicacies, and see how Balinese families live in a compound.

Tour Outline
7:30am: meet at Green School to get outfitted with bicycle and equipment
8:00am: begin bicycle tour, snack and talking points en route
10:45am: Stop at a Balinese family compound to have bubur brunch and coffee Bali
11:15am: Cycle back to Green School
11:45am: Conclude tour
For more info please email to


On Monday, January 15th, the Kul Kul Connection team hosted our bi-annual orientation day for the new and old students. We welcomed more than two hundreds students who will join our English Language Program this semester. The students are coming from various communities around Bali. We invited students and parents to attend in order to introduce them to Green School and to know more about Kul Kul Connection’s English program.

All the students who have enrolled in our English program have to pay for their seat in the class.. but they do not pay with cash, they pay with trash. All of our students are required to pay 5 kgs recyclable trash to KemBali per semester. So far, for this semester, our students have collected one ton of recyclable trash, before their classes even started! One student brought in forty kilos of trash!  We are so proud of them. Can you imagine if the Trash for Class programcould be built in every village in Bali and everyone had the chance (like our students) to make a positive change? We believe the potential for this program is huge and we can’t wait to see what will happen next!


Now is your chance to learn Bahasa Indonesia.  Learning Bahasa Indonesia will provide you with a few special advantages.
Advantage Number 1: Friends will be made easier than they’ve ever been made before! We guarantee that by learning Bahasa Indonesia, you will be met with smiles, new friends and laughter in almost any market or backroad you find yourself in.
Advantage Number 2: Getting lost will be less likely! Knowing the difference between Kiri and Kannan will no longer be an issue.. For those of you who haven’t experienced this issue, let’s just say you’ve been warned.
Advantage Number 3: Learning Bahasa will allow you to have exclusive access to some of the most beautiful hidden gems that the colorful, diverse islands of Indonesia have to offer.
There are many more advantages to discover as long as you’re willing to give learning the language a shot!
Wisma Bahasa is Indonesia’s premier language school, based in city of Jogjakarta on the island of Java. Thanks to Kul Kul Connection, Wisma Bahasa Teachers are here at Green School to offer you their top notch service and instruction. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
Please look out for the Wisma Bahasa Teacher (usually donning Batik Shirts) on campus.
For inquiries, questions, please contact the Wisma Bahasa Team at: Hp : 081329659690


The Bahasa Indonesia phrase for this week is, “Selamat liburan,” which means, “Happy holiday!”

It’s the last week of school already! To embrace our love to the mother earth, we would like to celebrate it by doing a beach clean up on Friday, December 15, as we promised on the last week’s newsletter! But, we have a little change for the plan. The beach clean up will start from Pantai Pererenan, and then off to Pantai Seseh, Munggu. KemBali will provide the tools to collect the trash.

If you’re interested to join us, we will be gathering at Green School at 7 am and ride Bio Bus to Pantai Seseh. Please contact to book your seat, as we only have limited seat for the buses! Don’t forget to bring your own water bottle and reusable snack box, to keep the beach clean. See you on Friday!

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The Bahasa Indonesia phrase for this week is, “Jangan lupa bawapayung!” which means, “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella!”

Dear Green School Community,
We are so excited to announce that KKC English Course enrollment for semester 2 is now open!
Please invite your friends and family to join our English course. Not only learning English in fun ways, but students will also gain experiences about environmental awareness. You can get the enrolment information here.

Salam Komunitas Green School,
Kami sangat senang untuk mengumumkan bahwa kelas Kursus Bahasa Inggris KKC untuk semester 2 telah dibuka! Ajak keluarga dan teman anda untuk bergabung di kursus kami. Tidak hanya mempelajari Bahasa Inggris dengan cara yang menyenangkan, namun siswa juga akan mendapatkan pengalaman dan wawasan pelestarian lingkungan. Anda bisa mendapatkan informasi mengenai pendaftaran disini.

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The Bahasa Indonesia phrase for this week is, ‘Drink enough water! Get well soon!’ which means, ‘Minum air yang cukup! Semoga cepat sembuh!’

This week, we had the opportunity to join the food workshop run by the Indonesia International Institute for Life Science (i3L). KKC students and GS students worked together in the Seed to Table After School Activities to prepare and pack hi-protein and calorie snacks bar for an emergency situation, such as for refugees. This food is a combination of crispy rice mixed with peanut butter, chocolate, and corn sugar. After mixing and pressing it, we let it cold in the refrigerator. The result? Yummy!!! Another cool stuff to learn from this workshop is learning the importance of consuming enough vegetable and fruits to maintain our body fit. Thanks, i3L and stay healthy everyone!

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The Bahasa Indonesia phrase for this week is, ‘Boleh saya pesan es teh?’ which means, ‘Can I have a glass of Ice Tea?’ 

Last weekend, some senior KKC students performed ‘Trash Monster’ at the Trash Festival 2017, the first event of its kind, organized in Ubud. There were so many initiatives represented, mostly from Bali and all of them are trying to work towards waste solutions for this island. Bye Bye Plastic Bags and KemBali were there too!

Having the same mission as Trash for Class, this Trash Monster performance is a way to raise the awareness about trash management, especially for future generations. And while our KKC students were performing, the audience couldn’t stop laughing and shouting, which also included some little kids who were gripped with the final song of their performance. We hope the message sunk in for those little kids.