Three Critical KKC Questions

  • How does it help advance their English Communication skills?
  • Is it fun, do they enjoy it?
  • Does this activity contribute to making our world sustainable and/or making Sibang Kaja the Greenest village in Bali?

While the delivery of a quality English program is our foremost priority, we want to help students realize that language is not only a tool for communicating; it is a bridge for understanding. If we can’t understand each-other, it is difficult to work together. By learning each-other’s languages, it is easier for the local community and international community to find a shared path towards a more sustainable future.


Kul Kul English Connection

  • We currently enroll 240 enthusiastic local students (ages 8-18 years old) from Sibang Kaja and Sibang Gede.
  • Maitri (Primary) students Grade 4-6 Mudita (Muddle School) students Grade 7-9 Upeksa (High School) students Grade 9-12
  • Classes are held on Green School’s campus from 3:30-8:00pm Monday through Thrusday

Our English Curriculum was gifted to us by an English Language School in Vancouver Canada, called Little Mountain Learning Academy (LMLA). Tim Fijal co-founded LMLA before moving to Bali. LMLA currently works in conjunction with Canadian College of English Language in publishing an online curriculum, called SMRT. SMRT is user-friendly, fully-digital, web-based curriculum. It holds a wealth of material and resources and applies the use of the internet as a powerful learning platform and communication medium. It draws resources from TED, Youtube, Blogs, Wikipedia and Google Aps. SMRT has the option of exploring ‘Library’, ‘Cafe’, ‘Me’ – the Library contains a 42 courses and 18 electives for teachers to use and explore. The electives include a variety of course topics, such as Journalism & Writing, American Slang, English for Hospitality and many more.



  • Our Better World – Sept 19 in Jakarta
    Pitch presented by KKC student named Gung Alit
  • Renewable Energy Conference – Oct 17 in Nusa Dua
    Two local students presented on behalf of Kul Kul Connection at the Youth Panel
  • COP 23 – Nov 6 – 17, 2017 in Bonn, Germany