In order IMG_8997to be an active member of the Kul Kul Connection program, it is expected that students will contribute to positive change in their community. The responsible disposal of their rubbish is one way they can begin to make this change. By learning about the waste stream, recycling practices and by going on weekly trash walks, we hope to impress upon them a more mindful understanding of waste disposal.

Kul Kul Connection Students go on trash walks on a regular basis. Our trash walks have a clear purpose: we are taking action to see that the Sibang Kaja can become waste-free community by 2018. The walks usually take place once a week in the vicinity of Green School and we always invite local and international families to participate. Trash walks provide a great opportunity to get to know Sibang Kaja, but we also realize that picking up rubbish is just scratching at the surface of the deeper roots of the pollution issue within the community. IMG_9426We want to let the community guide how we should address these challenges so that our involvement will have a lasting impact for the people who live there.  Our students should feel a sense of ownership for the well-being of their community. We encourage inquiry-based learning around this objective in hopes of motivating Kul Kul Connection students to explore possible solutions, see linkages and take responsibility of solving this issue.

We use Green School’s recycling and waste-management centre, called Kembali as an educational resource in our Kul Kul Connection classes. Kembali  provides an engaging environment for experiential learning. We encourage students to bring their recyclable materials from home to Kembali. Students are instructed on how to properly sort their household waste and more importantly, why they should take the time to do so. We provide them with the tools and resources so that they can make informed decisions. Ultimately, we are trying to make our students more mindful about how their everyday decisions affect their local environment.  



24Every week, a few of our top Kul Kul Connection students meet with Green School’s Biobus team to help them connect with local community. The Biobus is not only a successful enterprise and sustainable transportation method, it also presents an opportunity to raise awareness about alternative energy, and the harmful health effects of consuming used cooking oil.

Our Kul Kul Connection students play an integral role in the collection of used cooking oil. They know where to go to collect oil and how to approach the vendors at local food stalls. Without the involvement of Kul Kul Connection students, the Biobus team would not have this opportunity to make an educational impact in the local community.