Tim Fijal

Tim relocated to Bali from Vancouver, Canada with his wife and their two sons in 2011 to join the Green School community. Back in Vancouver, Tim was the co-owner and Academic Director of Little Mountain Learning Academy, a visionary learning centre located on the University of British Columbia campus, which had similar values and ethos to Green School’s. The Fijal family initially made the commitment to move to Bali as Green School parents, but Tim was later thrilled to accept an offer to fill the Admissions role based on expanding needs at GS. He then rapidly developed his role to include welcoming and integrating new parents within not just the school but also their adoptive community.

Shortly after arriving at Green School, Tim met Orin Hardy and the two started a conversation about how international members of this school community could be more connected with members of the local Sibang Kaja community. Henceforth, the Kul-Kul Connection was conceived. Tim brings with him an abundant enthusiasm for the school’s vision and its exciting future and a deep appreciation for the local cultures, languages and people of Bali and Indonesia.

 Orin Hardy


Orin Hardy grew up in Bali. His parents first came to Bali from Canada in the mid 70’s as artists and travelers. They worked with local craftsman and his father subsequently started a successful jewellery business. Although born in Toronto, Orin spent most of his early years in Ubud and Payangan. He was heavily immersed in the local culture and developed a close group of local friends in Begawan. He is fluent in Balinese and Indonesian. When Orin was 12, he left Bali to go to school in upstate New York, where he stayed for 5 years, before going to an outdoor adventure school in Victoria, Australia, and then high school at a small international Bahá’í school: Maxwell, British Columbia.

Orin has an enduring passion for adventure and the environment. His goal in life is to bring nature into culture. He feels that people need to know more about the plants and animals that they live amongst. He graduated from university at Evergreen State College, Olympia, USA, where he studied the relationships between human consciousness and environmental sustainability, and now works in Bali as a landscape and edible garden designer. He believes there is magic in the unity of mankind and that all children should have the right to a good education and a global understanding of the world regardless of class, race, or culture.

I Made Soma


Soma holds a Bachelor of Education in English from Maharasaswati University, Denpasar, Bali. He placed fourth among 600 graduates from his university in 2012. He loves learning and teaching foreign languages, and, as part of his mentoring role as a teacher, he aspires to be a bridge between cultures. Before working in Green School, he worked at Seminyak Language School and Cinta Bahasa Language School. He taught Indonesian and English at Seminyak Language School and Indonesian in Cinta Bahasa.

Soma is the backbone of the Kul-Kul Connection in practice. Devoting his time each weekday to teach Kul-Kul classes after his regular Green School work and commitments, he schedules and teaches the after-school English lessons and trains volunteers. The students are inspired by him and regard him highly.

Emma Titley

Born in Singapore but raised in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Canada, Emma Titley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University. She is particularly interested in the importance of education and indigenous knowledge in sustainable development efforts around the world. After graduating from university, she is excited to return to her childhood home of Indonesia where she hopes to combine her passion for the environment, education and working with children. Kul-Kul Connection’s after-school English program has been an ideal opportunity for Emma to apply these interests while also allowing her to make meaningful connections to the community of Sibang Kaja.



Pera is a grade 1 teacher at Green School. She graduated from Ganesha University and hold a bachelor degree in biology education.  She is very passionate in environmental conservation, sustainability and holistic education.

Pera joined green school in January 2010.  It is an inspiring place for her as a person as well as a teacher. Being able to meet and work with a lot of wonderful people from all around the world with different cultures in green school makes her love and appreciates her own culture even more.




I Kadek Purnawan or Awan is a lead teacher at Kul Kul Connection. He earned his master’s degree in the Instructional Systems Technology, School of Education, Indiana University. He was a teaching assistant in the IU Drama and Theater Department assisting the Asian performance class. He loves working with kids and had many experiences teaching local students English in some remote areas in Bali.  

His major interests include foreign language teaching, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), and teaching traditional arts and cultural performances. He really wants the kids to inspire others to love nature through the performing arts.



Giyan is an education as well as environment enthusiasts. She finished her degree in Chemistry Education Department at Undiksha Singaraja Bali. Her passion about these two area has brought her to a new career life at Green School. Graduated in 2014, Giyan had targeted the Green School as a dream job since university’s life.  The dream then came true. She is always proud being a local and find it interesting being a global community.