Kul Kul Connection students participate in BinBrigade group at Green School. Here they learn about human-centered design in the making of effective recycling receptacles.

Project-based learning with a clear emphasis on sustainability are presently aspiring to in our Kul Kul Connection English Classes.  We are actively looking for opportunities to form new partnerships with local organizations in Sibang Kaja and in Bali.

There are many student-driven, sustainable initiatives already underway at Green School that we have urged Kul Kul Students to participate in. One of my main objectives has been to design pathways to help Kul Kul students get involved in these partner organizations and educational opportunities. We plan to develop a more environmentally conscious English language curriculum that will draw key concepts of sustainability through the initiatives offered at Green School.Kul Kul Connectors

We recently established our Kul Kul Connection Student Council, called our Kul Kul Connectors. The Kul Kul Connectors are seven student representatives from Kul Kul Connection English Class who will act as liaisons between seven community partners and Kul Kul Connection English program. After more experience participating in partner projects, the Connectors will be responsible for relaying important information to their fellow Kul Kul Connection students and the local community.