Green School English – Language Immersion Program

Spots are still available for the first intake of Green School English run by our Kul Kul Connection team. What: A five-month immersive english language program for international students reflecting the Green School Way. Who is This For: Students ages 9-14 with beginners-level English. When: July 2018 (Dates to be Confirmed) Learn More: We already have a waiting list, but […]

Green School English – Language Immersion Program

Kul Kul Connection is launching, Green School English – a new course for students wishing to learn English as a second or other language. For students aged 9-14, this program offers a transformational English language learning opportunity, reflecting the Green School Way. The semester-long course is open to international students and launches end of July. Students at a […]

KKC on Stage!

KKC is fighting against the current and we want you to come join us! Bali’s rivers are clogged with trash and this problem is on the rise. Our KKC students are taking a stand (on stage) to stop the rush and address this issue.  We are proud to announce that our KKC youth activist class […]

Campur Table with KKC Team

If you haven’t tried it already, Nasi Campur is a delicious dish found here in Indonesia. The Nasi Campur dish is filled with colours and flavours as it features an array of different tasty delicacies from the archipelago. While this newsletter post is not exactly this dish itself, it about food and eating food together […]