Here at Green School, we understand that the health of our community and ecosystem are interdependent. By allowing the natural world to be our guide, it is essential that a diversity of perspectives are being equally represented in our community. “Being local” is a fundamental Green School value that Kul Kul Connection projects embody. Now into its fourth year of existence, Kul Kul Connection has accomplished much and has become a fixture in the Green School community. Furthermore, Kul Kul Connection is doing critical work leading to the fulfillment of Green School’s mission to make our world sustainable.

We have about 250 students enrolled in our after school learning support program for 2015/16. This program is a critical part of our community focus. Students come from local schools in Sibang Kaja and Sibang Gede, our surrounding villages and community. We work as a community with all the Banjars and they help us getting these students to GS . They learn english, computers program, arts and music and they are included in the outdoor activities of the GS. Our KKC teachers are mostly Indonesians and some of them are also teachers at GS .

  • KKC One Month English Scholarship $75 per student
  • KKC 6 Months English Scholarship $450 per student
  • KKC One Year English Scholarship $900 per student

Every little bit helps. Your generous support is critical to the continued growth of Kul Kul Connection’s efforts. We welcome all levels of support to sustain our initiatives.

Stay tuned and help to spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/groups/raceto300/